Thursday, July 11, 2013


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preparing for the exhibition 
exxibitied work at the "MOLT! Speculative Identities" exhibition at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin

A frame within frame - a picture on the wall is the first “Androgynous” photo montage made in 2011. and never exhibited.
It was a sort of hommage to the work of Marina Abramovic and Frank Uwe Laysiepen (Ulay).

It is also a self-portrait - I am sitting with my hair connected to my other self, the male half with a distinct Adam's apple, like Ulays.

Most of my work deals with a need to connect, so Abramovic-Ulay were a very interesting phenomena for me at the time, before MoMa and many other re-performances happened later on.

From the very beginning of their symbiotic relationship and cooperation, they identified themselves as one androgynous being, a unity that contains both male and female elements. They represented the two energies of opposite sexes who are attempting to merge into one, in a state of complete harmony.

But, after ten years of living and working together, they split up with their last performance “The Great Wall Walk”. Marina then stated: “In the end, no matter what you do, you are really alone.”

Such an ending concerned me- it was an evidence of the unsustainability of intensity, and they were not in a position where they could compromise-because compromises in their private lives meant compromises in their art.

So I decided not to seek the Other anymore, and getting in touch with my "male" or "stronger" side was, therefore, beginning of the process of "healing” and restoring the initial One.


A photo-montage “Mmm-mmm!”is much less serious, and it questions every- thing I thought I had figured out. “Androgynous” is hanged on a wall for being a piece of dead art- as well as “Mmm-mmm!” which is framed and exhib- ited together with a plate of my hair, offered to the visitors.

Getting in touch with your feminine or masculine side quite possibly is “esoteric cliché of modern psychology”, a black-and-white division of prejudice that harms the understanding of the complexity of the human psyche (and oneself).
Art can avoid the defendant's bench with a touch of humor and with riddles, which I will leave for the viewer to discover. 

take-away packages with locks of hair 
"Hair is kind of antenna, like air-roots of trees" M.Abramović
A "primitive" belief maintains that owning a lock of hair from anothers head gives one power over that individual, in the same manner that owning an image of an individual grants the owner such powers. 
Historically, giving a lock of ones hair to someone has been considered a sign of devotion, especially before an impending separation.

intervention made by the audience at the opening of the exhibition

you can hear the interview here:

Saturday, June 8, 2013

opening of the exhibition - otvorenje izložbe 7.6.2013.


According to Freud, Eros and Thanatos are basic human instincts of love and death. The topic is the area of instinctive reactions. On one side Thanatos is destructive, often self-destructive, deadly immortal, representing death that cannot be avoided nor killed (we have testimonies of that in all kinds of barbaric aggressions). On the other side Eros, instinct of love, creation of life energy and sexuality is self-sufficient.

Intimate, despite the fact that it absorbs all human relationships in its core, human sexuality is private. Sublimated, through action and reaction embedded in culture, blossoms and grows into poetry, dance, music, art... Culture defends itself from inconvenience and discomfort with taboo, censorship and auto-censorship, and occasionally with repression.

Maja Vrban, by her vocation graphic, reflects essence of her work with this exact dual polarities: day-night, visual-tangible, dark-light, inserted-bulging, smooth- rough, in rounded creations of her instinct, behind which always in the dark corner lies its opposite side.

It seems that the whole universe, birth, life and death, is intertwined with such polarities. Cycle Eros is best experienced when compared with the sketches for sculptural objects, where the type of sexuality that the artist transmits and reflects is clearly shown. As if one would find himself in front of prehistoric curves that even when abstracted indicate the basic sexuality evoked by steatopygius emphasizing the attributes of fertility shown as huge buttocks. By this, the artist indicated fertility, which from beginning of the time means also birth: the essence and strenght of instinct of love. 
Maja Vrban projects that in robust proportions on object rounded by dimension and motive, noticeable in two toned variations of black and beige, intertwined with pulsating forces stretched across the energetic arabesques, that seem as if they had instinctive energy that moves as the blood runs in the veins. Eros is shown naked, rough, even brutal, how he actually, behind all the cultural blockades, boundaries and layers and taboos, in the evolution of life and universe, actually is. 

Željko Marciuš

Thursday, May 16, 2013

art-book "conversations" (miniature) - art-knjiga "razgovori" (minijature)

razgovor koji tek trebamo voditi
conversation that we have yet to take

razgovor zbog kojeg se uvijek vraćam
conversation that always makes me come back

razgovor koji smo slutili
conversation we imagined